Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ugly words

I caught the tail end of something on the radio while driving yesterday.  It was a newly published list of the 10 grossest words in the English language.  I can’t remember hardly any of them and my late night Googling didn’t produce the same list I heard, although I did find several other gross word lists.  The only two I can remember from the radio were “wolverine” (whaaaaa??) and “panties” (I concur).

There are a lot of words I don’t really like.  They're not necessarily all "gross", but they're just ugly words that I personally don't like.   Below are a few of them, with a bit of commentary:

1 – panties - it’s okay for little girls and, well, certain adults can get away with it but in general I don’t like the word.  It’s not “gross” but I just don’t like it.
2 – vegetable - it’s the “table” part that I don’t like…it embarrasses me to say this word.   I have to say that while I may hate the word, I love, love, love to eat them.
3 – pork - as in the meat, people.
4 – discharge - that’s just disgusting and I found it hard to even type.
5 – “stick of gum” – okay, that isn’t a word but a phrase I guess….but I hate it.  If you want gum from me (which I rarely ever have), just ask for gum, not a “stick of gum”.  Please.
6 – moist – commentary shouldn’t be required here.
7 – tank top – I know, this is about as weird as not liking the word “vegetable”.  I avoid saying “tank top” whenever possible.  I’ll shorten it to “tank” but that’s still pushing it.  I’m ready for Fall.

 There's a lot of other words out there that are just flat out gross and repulsive and I think most everyone would concur with me, but I get a lot of s*** for not liking the above words.  I guess it IS a bit odd.


  1. Add "gushy" to the list. BARF!

  2. ginger did you have to go there? ugh!

  3. No kidding, Ginger! I think we've discussed this one before. : )