Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Darn Bike

So I went mountain biking on Monday evening for the first time in a few months.   It’s just been way too hot lately and I’ve also had this bike storage issue, which has just been resolved this week.  Every time I hit the trails on my bike when it’s been a while (even a few weeks), I’m shocked at how difficult it is.   I went to Horizons park, which I’ve never been to before and there was A LOT of hills.   Not only that, but it had rained the day before so it was a bit muddy.  I think I dropped more f-bombs on that bike excursion that I have in a year.   Very un-ladylike.   Actually, there was nothing ladylike about me that day.  I was literally drenched in sweat and covered in mud when I was done.   When I got home and took my clothes off to shower, there was mud and dirt all over the floor – I even had it in my hair – not sure how that happened.   Gross.

I work out a lot.  I run, strength train with a personal trainer, etc and it still kicked my ass.  When I would stop for a break (which I don’t typically have to do but since it’s a been a while, it was a necessity), I could feel the blood pulsating in my head and I thought I might have an aneurism.    I don’t even want to know what my heart rate was.

Even though I got tangled up in a few branches, ran off the trail, slung mud all over myself and even completely crashed and landed in a pile of bushes, I still didn’t think I had gotten injured.   But by the next morning I had already developed a nice big bruise on the back of my right leg.  I still think that’s pretty freaking good.   I have a few scratches here and there but they’re very minor.  I also wore padded biking shorts for the first time ever but my butt is still massively sore.   I’m sure people wonder what’s wrong with me when they see me sit down so gingerly.   Ouch.  Maybe I need a donut.

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  1. OUCH!! TG for this blog or I would have no clue what's going on with you!!