Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sweet Moments

Two things hit me last night.  I knew both of them before and think about this a lot but it really hit me in the face last night:  there's nothing sweeter in this world than a sleeping child and a child's belly laugh.  Emma and I were in my bed last night watching each other draw pictures with our eyes closed.  When one of us would produce a snowman with his eyes on his belly and his arms completely detached from it's body, Emma would laugh so hard her face would turn red, she'd gasp for breath and let out an occasional snort.  There's something about hearing that deep belly laugh that makes me immensely happy.

Once we were done, she dozed off in my bed.  It may sound creepy but those of you that are moms (or dads) will understand, I just lied there staring at her.  Her eyes closed, slow, steady breathing, occasional mouth twitch....precious.  I literally could have sat there and stared at her for hours.  But I didn't - I picked her up (all 54 pounds of limp, dead weight!) and deposited her in her own bed and tucked that sweet girl in.  Man I love that kid.

Yes, that dirty brownish blob is Puppy.  He's baaaaaaack.

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  1. oh she looks so grown up. she's a pretty cool kid. how did that happen :O)