Sunday, December 16, 2012

Getting my grub on

Picking up from my last post, I wanted to share what a day's worth of food looks like for me since this is something I've gotten asked this week.  I tend to eat the same thing for breakfast, snacks and lunches for a week (dinner varies) and then move to different breakfasts/snacks/lunches the next week.  This makes grocery shopping easier (and easier on the wallet!)  Please keep in mind, I'm only going on DAY FIVE of this lifestyle change so I have limited experience besides that and the ridiculous amount of research I've done.

**Note:  I've actually lost 3 pounds this week with no cravings and I haven't been hungry!  What the what?! : )


Breakfast:  scrambled eggs with chopped tomatoes, fresh basil and a small amount of goat cheese
Snack:  raw almonds and some blackberries
Lunch:  small salad with lemon juice and olive oil and a Primal Hawaiian pizza (this was delish!)  I made sure the pasta sauce I bought had no soybean oil, etc. in it and the cheese I used was full fat/grass-fed
Snack:  Half of an apple with almond butter
Dinner:  Rotisserie chicken (bought already made at Whole Foods) and caprese salad


Breakfast:  smoothie made with strawberries, ice, half a banana
Snack:  raw almonds and blackberries
Lunch:  big ass salad (spring mix/spinach, mushrooms, green and yellow peppers, tomatoes and chicken) with EVOO and lemon juice
Snack:  half an apple with almond butter
Dinner:  breakfast for dinner!  Scrambled eggs with chopped tomatoes, fresh basil and a small amount of goat cheese, two pieces of nitrate free bacon

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